Analog Wave

by lucky one

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Two years of music production + 2 intensive month of finalization, 9 tracks + 2 remixes, more than 60 minutes of music especially designed to please your ears and your mind!

There is a lot of vocals on this new album, and that was a whole new challenge for me to write song lyrics and vocal melodies. I enjoyed that experience a lot!

Relax and take the time to listen this album as a whole, then if you are convinced, share it with your friends, thanks! :-)

This album is free download (or pay what you want), just click the 'Buy Now' link, name your price, starting at zero, and the site will request your email address. Don't worry, I will not spam you, maybe just notify you when I'll release new albums... which happens less than once a year.

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All music and lyrics by lucky one, except tracks 11 and 12 by Miss O and Silvertin respectively.

© 2016 lucky one. All rights reserved. Registered SABAM


released February 18, 2016

- Track 1 features the delicate voice of Anna Yanova from Bulgaria
- Track 4 features Calisto from Canada
- Tracks 2, 5, 7 & 8 feature spoken words by the awesome Kymmypops from UK
- Track 10 is my remix of "My Wildest Time" by Miss O: Miss O is the crystalline voice of Odette Di Maio, blended with the delicate tones of Jan De Block. Miss O's first album "INFECTION" was released on May 9th 2012,
- Track 11 is my remix of "The Forgotten" by Silvertin. Silvertin is a five-piece Indie band from Yorkshire, UK, having some nice audience on SoundCloud.

Cover photo (Mooloolaba beach, Brisbane, Australia) by Karl Muller -


all rights reserved



lucky one Belgium

Thanks for visiting my page and listening my tracks!

Music is my passion, I love to produce, remix, collaborate and perform live. I produce Independent Electronic Music, I do not try to stick to a style, but rather mix elements from a large range of indie, pop, rock and electronic styles. My music is done using real instruments mixed up with loops, samples, software synthesizers and effects. ... more

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Track Name: That Perfect Moment
Slowly ... shivery ... I approach
Smoothly ... looking ... you are waiting

If you see ... the fear ... in my eyes
Please help me ... showing ... you agree

And the world will disappear when my lips ... will touch yours
We have been building that perfect moment ... for hours

© 2016 lucky one
Track Name: Burning Soul
In my burning soul
I'm falling
In my burning soul
I'm drowning

Lord, is this the way?

In my burning soul
I'm falling
In my burning soul
Right, is this the way?

© 2016 lucky one
Track Name: I'm not Afraid
War, fear, disease and death
World seems to sink in that scheme...

no I'm not afraid
I feel disarmed
What can I do?
Is there a master plan?

I have the power to chose my world -
We have the power to consume differently ...
Please think before you buy

Greed, lie, power and money
These seem to rule our world...

no I will resist
I will support
All good people
Fighting for our freedom

© 2016 lucky one
Track Name: Baby Bass
My baby bass

Baby bass
You are so soft
You are so round

Come on my dear
Let's shake the subs

Baby bass
Your grit is high
My sweet baby
You are falling
Down in the hertz
The low-end floor

You are sexy

© 2016 lucky one
Track Name: Timewarp Taxi
Just walk down the road
On a sunny morning
I'm always on time
To take you for a ride

Cruising through seasons
Driving night and day
There's no safer way
To reach your destination

Timewarp taxi
Travelling space and time

Never be late again
Time is non linear
Never be lost again
Space does not mean 'far'

I breach through reality
I jump through nothingness
Dimensions fold at will
When you know your business

Timewarp taxi
Travelling space and time

© 2016 lucky one
Track Name: The Community
All together
So many talents
We can do anything
If we agree

Nothing is too high
With our passion
Nothing is too strange
With open minds

Let's be creative
And share ideas
Let's be constructive
As a community

© 2016 lucky one
Track Name: Miss O - My Wildest Time (Rmx)
where you don't dare to look, now look
will find a tiny knot, you see...
A mistery
is linking you and me
whispers dying on my lips endlessly
in slow motion

up the dark side
you can face odd desires
is taking over
don't you think it's just fine?

You just survive,
cross that line:
Take the risk and fly

I want you near
in my wildest time of life, baby

(lyrics by Jan De Block & Odette Di Maio)
Track Name: Silvertin - The Forgotten (Rmx)
Told you all before the storm is here to say
hold it anymore it’ll tear you face off
warned you all before your talking may spark fires

just how many more to fall till this thing shuts down
i forgot the names of all their faces
it’s a story that you’ve heard before but can’t stop buying


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